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With Pink® Batts® insulation, you will find a solution to best fit your project requirements. Pink® Batts® insulation is 100% Kiwi made. Not only do we have the stock always ready to roll out the factory door to your building site, we also offer the widest range of insulation to suit the varied needs of Kiwi homes and buildings.  

Insulation with a high R-value increases the thermal resistance of the elements - wall, roof and underfloor - of the building where it is installed. 

For new houses, minimum standards of insulation are defined by the requirements of our building code. However, just like many others we advocate to go beyond the minimum and ensure better thermal performance and energy efficiency. It makes good sense to stay ahead of the imminent changes to our NZ Building Code, and ensure you create a warm, dry and comfortable space.

Highest R values

With two new introductions of Pink® Batts® Skillion Roof R4.5 – 165mm max and Pink® Batts® Ultra® R4.3 (140mm Wall), we are now offering the HIGHEST R-values in these bulk thermal insulation categories. 



Pink® Batts® R-values offered


R 4.0, R 5.0, R 6.0, R 6.3, R 7.0

Skillion Roof

R 3.2, R 3.6, R4.5 (NEW)

Wall 90mm

R 2.6, R2.8

Wall 140mm

R3.2, R3.6, R4.0, R4.3 (NEW)

Narrow wall

R 2.2, R 2.6, R 2.8, R 3.2, R 4.0

Steel wall

R 2.6, R 2.8

For walls, both 90mm and 140mm thicknesses are available. Installing 90mm insulation in a 140mm framing space will not take advantage of the thermal benefits achieved by using our 140mm insulation range.

The Pink® Batts® insulation 140mm wall range has higher R-values that go up to R4.3 and can achieve a higher thermal performance than when the thickness is restricted to 90mm where R2.8 is the highest R-value achieved.

Both our 90mm and 140mm wall range additionally offer a ‘Narrow wall’ option for framing spaced 400mm between studs. Sized to the framing dimensions, the Narrow wall option decreases the number of cuts required during installation.

Additionally, some of our products have a ‘Steel wall’ option – 610mm – that will fit nicely in between the steel framing.

Steel and Narrow wall products can have an impact on reducing waste on-site, improving the quality of the installation and reducing the time taken to get the job completed.

Custom solutions for your projects

Do you have a requirement for bespoke R-value insulation? Come and talk to us. We do not shy away from going above and beyond to help you deliver the absolute best solution for your projects. As a local kiwi manufacturer, we have the capability to produce higher R-values and custom solutions to best match your requirements.


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