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Secondary Insulation Layer Wall Solution

The H1 Building Code changes only require walls to hold a construction R-value of 2.0, nationwide. However, the BRANZ Beacon Pathway report highlighted that the average amount of framing in walls was between 34% to 57%, rather than the previously assumed 12 - 18% framing, raising an increased interest in higher R-value products for walls.

Comfortech® have developed a Secondary Insulation Layer Wall Solution, which enables the delivery of a 90mm timber frame wall, with a secondary insulation between 45mm thickness internal battens.

This solution delivers a thermal performance which exceeds the thermal performance of a 140mm R4.3 Pink® Batts® by around 20%, while avoiding the supply constraints, additional costs and while also maintaining the bracing performance of the internal lining. A 90mm frame wall with 30% framing and R2.8 Pink® Batts® Ultra, with a secondary insulation layer of R1.3 between 45mm battens, will achieve a construction R value of R3.3, versus a 140mm wall frame, also at 30% framing which achieves only R2.72. The bracing value of the plasterboard can still be utilised.



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