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New Building Code Requirements

Bring Biggest Energy Efficiency Change In Over A Decade

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across bulk insulation category in New Zealand

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Aotearoa New Zealand's favourite insulation-

We offer wide range of insulation to suit varied needs of kiwi homes and buildings

Our Products

Caring for Kiwi homes since 1961

Pink® Batts® insulation is made right here in New Zealand, designed specifically for our unique Kiwi climate and building styles. Today’s Pink® Batts® insulation has evolved over 60 years and is now better than ever thanks to a lot of fresh thinking and new technology.

  • Proven performance
  • Made from over 80% recycled glass sourced only from NZ
  • Lifetime warranty

Our Story

Pink® Batts® Building Insulation Blanket [BIB], now better than ever. 

Thanks to our new roll-up machine, our lightweight and flexible glass wool Pink® Batts® Building Insulation Blanket (BIB) now comes in tighter rolls and longer lengths. BIB has never been so easy to transport, store or install. 

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Proven performance, quality and durability you can trust

 We meet many of the highest independently assessed industry standards for product performance, health, safety and environmental sustainability.

Appraisals and Certifications

Pink® Batts®. Always.

Glass wool insulation

Glass wool fibres generally perform better than other fibrous insulation and need less weight to achieve the same R-value

Health & comfort benefits

Provides greater comfort for occupants all seasons. Indoor temperatures below 16°C increase the risk of respiratory disease. The World Health Organisation recommends temperatures of at least 18°C and minimum 22°C in homes with young children

Energy savings

Installing the correct level of Pink® Batts® insulation in your home will help you save on your power bills and over time will 'pay' for itself

Recycling and sustainable manufacturing

Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation is made from over 80% recycled glass sourced only from New Zealand. Plus we are constantly looking at our plant & processed to reduce our environmental impact



Pink® Batts® insulation will not catch fire or melt easily when exposed to flame, so it’s safer for your home in the event of a fire

Safe and easy to handle

The latest generation of Pink® Batts® products are softer than ever and forgiving to touch, making them easier to handle and install. Plus it is bio-soluble which means no harm to your lungs

Durability, Rigidity and Lifetime Warranty

Pink® Batts® insulation is rigid and won’t slump behind your wall means it will keep doing a stand-up job, year after year. Plus with our lifetime warranty, you can be 100% sure to receive high-quality insulation for the lifetime of a home

Internationally certified for indoor air quality

The quality of air in a building has a big impact on the occupant’s health & well-being. We have attained GREENGUARD certification, an independent standard for indoor air quality


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