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We manufacture and provide Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation, along with Sisalation® underlays and the PinkFit® Installer service, under Tasman Insulation New Zealand Limited - a Fletcher Building company.

Find out more about Tasman's 50 years history of insulation in New Zealand.


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Pink® Batts® insulation is a lightweight flexible glass wool insulation, designed to thermally and acoustically insulate ceiling, walls and floors, in both new build and retrofit homes.

  • Pink® Batts® Classic insulation: Used to meet levels of thermal performance to the requirements of the NZBC.  The Pink® Batts® Classic range is available for roof and wall applications
  • Pink® Batts® Ultra® insulation: Ultra® branded insulation will provide premium levels of insulation with R-values that exceed the requirements of the NZBC. Pink® Batts® Ultra® range is available for roof and wall applications
  • Pink® Batts® Silencer®:  Provides acoustic insulation in internal walls and midfloors.
  • Pink® Batts® SnugFloor®: Pink® Batts® SnugFloor® is a range of underfloor insulation products designed to reduce heat loss in new and existing homes with suspended floors.

The Sisalation® range of building foils is supported by more than fifty years of manufacturing and has become renowned around the world for their excellence, quality, service and innovation. Our Sisalation® brand provides a range of underlays, building foils and tapes

  • Bitumac®: Range of Kraft underlay for walls and roofs. They act as a second line of defence against moisture/condensation ingress.
  • Moistop® underlay:  Concrete underlay products. Designed to give permanent moisture protection against ground water penetration.
  • Sisalation® building foils:  Mainly for commercial and industrial applications. Provide an aesthetic finish to the inside of the building and act as a vapour control layer.
  • Vapastop® building tape: Variety of tapes that used with building foils.
    Mathoid® Damp Proof Course: Moisture barrier between building elements - under bottom plates; any wooden surface and concrete, masonry or aluminium. 

PinkFit® Installers

Pink® Batts® insulation has a national network of approved PinkFit® installers. PinkFit® installers ensure that your Pink® Batts® insulation is fitted properly and assess any existing insulation to help ensure your home gets the best level of insulation. 

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