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“Buildings have attributes that contribute appropriately to the health, physical independence and well-being of the people who use them.”- Building Act 2004

Creating warmer, drier & healthier New Zealand homes

  • A well-insulated home helps create a warmer, drier and healthier home for the residents
  • Insulation provides an essential barrier to heat flow keeping home warmer in winter, cooler in summer and comfortable year-round
  • Insulation can help reduce moisture-related problems like condensation, damp and mould

Are your projects still defined by the minimum requirements?

Insulation with high R-value increases the thermal resistance of the elements - wall, roof and underfloor - of the building where it is installed. 

We recommend insulation should help meet the health and comfort requirements of the residents than just meeting the minimum standards.  And we have got range of insulation to help you make a better choice. Go beyond the minimum with Pink® Batts® insulation

We are now offering the HIGHEST R-values across bulk thermal insulation category in New Zealand. 

  • Ceiling- R 4.0, R 5.0, R 6.0, R 6.3, R7.0
  • Skillion Roof- R3.2, R3.6, R4.5 (NEW)
  • Wall 140mm- R3.2, R3.6, R4.0, R4.3 (NEW)
  • Wall 90mm- R 2.6, R2.8
  • Narrow wall- R 2.6, R 2.8, R 3.2, R 4.0
  • Steel wall- R 2.6, R 2.8

& don't forget installing insulation properly makes the difference. PinkFit® ensures that Pink® Batts® insulation is installed correctly and performs over the life of the building. We are a nationwide network of locally owned and operated installers and the preferred installer for Pink® Batts®.


Want more insights on insulation and upcoming H1 changes? Join us for our Technical Afternoon Session.

Speaker and session details as below:

  1. Ian Mayes, Building Performance Advisor- Overview and upcoming changes on the NZBC – Clause H1
  2. Steven Turnbull, PinkFit® Business Partner- Demo: Make the difference by installing insulation properly
  3. Russell Pedersen, Technical Support and Training Manager, Winstone Wallboards- Thermal efficiencies through framing set out and BRANZ testing processes incorporating Pink® Batts®

 The webinar has finished.

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