Moistop® 250 concrete underlay (Moistop® 759) floor



Moistop® 250 (previously known as Moistop® 759) is a heavy weight, industrial strength concrete underlay designed to give permanent protection against ground water penetration in residential, commercial and industrial concrete slab applications. It can also be used as a ground cover membrane over damp sub-floors in suspended timber floor construction.

Features and Benefits

  • Pink facing (rather than standard black) - for ease of identifying tears and unintentional penetrations.
  • Extremely tough moisture and water proof barrier – for continual moisture protection in harsh conditions
  • High strength and tear resistance properties - to resist penetration from below
  • Three layer co-extruded virgin polyethylene laminate - to increase resistance to vapour transmission and UV light 
  • 4m wide rolls - to minimise joins

Supporting documents