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PinkFit® Pledge for new build

When it comes to installing insulation, we know what’s most important to you - a no fuss, no stress experience that you can depend on in every respect. So here’s what we pledge for New Build insulation installs.
We’ll be available. Always.
  • We’ll answer your call or we’ll call you back the same working day.
  • We’ll measure and quote your job (if necessary) within 3 working days.


We’ll work to your schedule. Always.
  • We’ll contact you at least once by phone, text or email at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled install date to ensure we stay in sync with your construction and inspection schedule.
  • We’ll complete the insulation installation within 7 working days or according to the agreed schedule.
  • We can schedule your entire installation through your preferred building merchant. If we visit the site, this can be done on the spot.


We’ll stand behind our work. Always.
  • We’ll provide an Extended PinkFit® Pre-Line Promise: the Pink® Batts® products installed by PinkFit® will pass the pre-line building inspection for insulation installation or we will pay you $250* (including GST).
  • We’ll provide, within 7 working days, a PinkFit® Installation Guarantee certificate supporting the Pink® Batts® Lifetime Warranty**.


We’ll follow safety procedures. Always.
  • We’ll operate in compliance with the highest safety standards, including rigorously following all safety procedures.


We’ll clean up. Always.
  • We’ll leave your site and skip bin completely clear of insulation waste and packaging material.


We’ll be professional. Always.
  • We’ll arrive on site at the agreed time.
  • We’ll anticipate issues that could jeopardise the install schedule or the inspection. We’ll bring them to your attention with the aim of finding a resolution on the day of the install or at a time agreeable to you. You get all this peace of mind with one call. 0800 746 534


You get all this peace of mind with one call.

0800 746 534

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Download the PinkFit® PLEDGE PDF.


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