Calculate insulation bales for your home

Calculate the area of your home

 Watch Pink® Batts® choosing and measuring before you get started. 

  1. Split your home into easy to measure rectangles, this might be one or a multiple depending on the layout of your home. 
  2. Remove any areas that aren't accessible or that you don't want to include in the measure - for example a garage you aren't going to insulate. 

Check out this easy guide on how to get the Square footage of your home. 


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What insulation level do you want to use? 

  • RTA minimum levels
      • Ceiling
        • Zone 1 and 2 : R2.9 
        • Zone 3: R3.3
      • Underfloor
        • Zone 1, 2 and 3: R1.3 

Pink® Batts® product guide 

Now use our handy calculator to work out how many bales of insulation you'll need to get the job done. 

Use the Pink® Batts® insulation calculator 

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