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Pink® Batts® insulation has been keeping New Zealand homes warm in winter and cooler in summer for over 50 years. Our product solutions are designed for NZ building styles and weather conditions. You can install Pink® Batts® insulation with confidence.

Let’s talk ingredients

Meet Michael,

Environmental and Chemical Technologist, musician and lover of Celtic rock music.

“In my 9 years working at Pink® Batts®, people have often asked me if I worry about the phenol-formaldehyde in the binder we use in our products. They’re always surprised when I tell them there’s less of it in a room installed with Pink® Batts® than there is in a cup of coffee – and they don’t avoid drinking that!”

Let’s talk itch

Meet Hamish,

PinkFit® licence owner, and self-proclaimed expert in Asian fusion cooking (crispy pork a specialty).

“That must be an itchy occupation – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that in my 13 years working with Pink® Batts®! Sure the fibres and dust can be uncomfortable and irritating, but if you cover your arms and legs and, depending on the job, wear a dust mask and safety glasses, it’s all good.”

Let’s talk fibres and dust

Meet Patrick,

Production Operator, rugby lover and passionate Counties supporter.

“Pink® Batts® fibres can get into your lungs, right? Sure it’s possible, but it’s very, very unlikely. And even if a few do, they’re not dangerous to humans because they’re biosoluble – which means they dissolve in your bodily fluids. I certainly wouldn’t have spent the last 41 years at Pink® Batts® if I thought I was putting myself or my family at risk in any way!”


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