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Like bread, made fresh each day

Pink® Batts® insulation is 100% Kiwi made so we always have the stock ready to roll out the factory door to your building site.

That means

You order today and it will be with your merchant tomorrow.

With over 59 years of proven performance, lifetime warranty and unmatched availability all seasons, you know we are there for you. Pink® Batts® 100% kiwi made since 1961.

Extra pair of hands for New Zealand builders


Hours of PinkFit® installation up for grabs!

Fill the form below and get in the draw to win free installation for your Pink® Batts® purchased for your next project. Our expert installer network PinkFit® will come and help you. 
  • Upto 10 winners drawn each week. T&Cs apply
  • Nationwide offer for registered builders
  • Free Pink® Batts® install for residential build. Product rate as negotiated with your merchant
  • Last day to enter: Friday 4 December 12 am or until PinkFit® hours last

Why confident builders use Pink® Batts®  

Pink® Batts® aim to be the first and best choice. An iconic brand with an enviable reputation, Pink® Batts® insulation has been keeping homes and places in Aotearoa New Zealand warm in winter and cool in summer since 1961. With solutions designed specifically for our local conditions you can choose and install Pink® Batts® insulation with confidence. Always.

With Pink® Batts® , you can

Choose products with proven performance. Always.

Pink® Batts® insulation has been keeping New Zealand homes warm in winter and cooler in summer for over 50 years. Our product solutions are designed for NZ building styles and weather conditions. You can install Pink® Batts® insulation with confidence.

Do right by the environment. Always.

Pink® Batts® insulation contains over 80% recycled glass that might otherwise have ended up in landfills. The Pink® Batts® Ultra® range has achieved Environmental Choice New Zealand accreditation. Bags containing Pink® Batts® insulation are made from recyclable LDPE bags, so empty bags can be included in most kerbside recycling collections.

Get what you want, when you want it. Always.

You can buy Pink® Batts® insulation at most major building merchants and hardware stores around the country. No other insulation product can match this availability. We have expert Installers in our PinkFit® service. PinkFit® understands the principles of thermal insulation and sound control. You can be confident the insulation will be installed correctly. 

Use products that offer complete safety. Always.

Pink® Batts® insulation is completely safe to install and use. Considerable international research confirms that any slight irritation to exposed skin caused by the fibres in glass wool, or through their inhalation, is harmless and temporary.  Pink® Batts® insulation is independently certified to meet the strict international chemical emission limits of GREENGUARD Certification to help create healthier indoor air environments.

Select the right product for the right job. Always.

Pink® Batts® has the perfect product solution for your building project.

  • Thermal insulation for walls, ceilings and floors in a range of sizes, thicknesses and R-values.
  • Pink® Batts® Silencer® wall and mid-floor acoustic insulation. 
  • Sisalation® range of building paper, foils, underlays and tapes.
  • Pink® Batts® products range
Use products backed by companies you know and trust. Always.

We work hard to ensure the quality of our products. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on Pink® Batts® BRANZ appraised wall and ceiling products for the lifetime of a home.  You can be confident Pink® Batts® will meet or exceed current New Zealand Building Code requirements for the lifetime of a home.


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