Sisalation® extra light duty 110 building foil

Sisalation® Extra Light Duty 110 is a reflective laminate building foil



Sisalation® Extra Light Duty 110 is a reflective foil laminate. Recommended for use in commercial and industrial wall applications to provide a reflective economical interior lining where fire retardance, strength and resistance to abrasion is not critical
Suitable for use as a:

  • Cost effective reflective interior wall facing for commercial and industrial buildings
  • Facing for Building Insulation Blanket (BIB)

Features and Benefits

  • Albar® on one side to proved one scuff resistance face
  • Two-way fibreglass reinforcement for strength and edge tear resistance
  • Highly reflective to enhance lighting conditions 
  • Low emissivity to limit heat loss 
  • Manufactured with pure aluminium foil to provide an effective barrier against vapour