Pink® Batts® warranty and credentials

Pink® Batts® warranty, quality and durability. 

We are committed to ensuring that every piece of Pink® Batts® insulation manufactured provides the same quality, durability and performance. Our customers know, when they purchase Pink® Batts® insulation, they purchase reliability. 



Pink® Batts® Lifetime Warranty Pink® Batts® lifetime warranty

Pink® Batts® BRANZ appraised wall and ceiling products will provide high quality insulation for the lifetime of your home. 

Full copy of the Pink® Batts® Lifetime Warranty



Quality  Telarc Registration Marks QUALITY ISO 9001 2015

Pink® Batts® insulation is manufactured in plants with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certification adhering to an international quality management system. Our Pink® Batts® insulation manufacturing process is continually assessed to ensure production meets those quality standards.



 Durability  Branz appraisal 238

In addition to our Pink® Batts® Lifetime Warranty, as part of the BRANZ appraisal process we are deemed to comply with the durability requirements of the New Zealand Building Code:

Pink® Batts® wall and ceiling products will last at least 50 years if stored and installed in a dry protected space in accordance to the recommended installation instructions - BRANZ Appraisal 238 pg 3 



Product credentials                                              

BRANZ Branz logo

BRANZ is an independent and impartial research, testing, consulting and information company providing services and resources for the New Zealand building industry.


BRANZ has provided the following appraisals:

These independent appraisals verify that the products are fit for purpose.



Environmental Choice  Environmental Choice NZ logo

Environmental Choice New Zealand accreditation identifies a product as less harmful to the environment than products that do not meet these accredited criteria.

  • Products from the Pink® Batts® Ceiling* and Wall range and SnugFloor products have been awarded the Environmental Choice New Zealand accreditation. 

*This product is manufactured in both New Zealand and Australia. Environmental Choice New Zealand applies to New Zealand made product only.

 This government-backed initiative uses a number of criteria to assess a product:

All Pink® Batts® insulation products are manufactured in the same environmentally responsible way.

Find out more about Pink® Batts® Environmental Choice products



GREENGUARD Certification GREENGUARD certification logo

The GREENGUARD Certification Program (formerly known as GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification) gives assurance that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors. Achieving GREENGUARD Certification gives credence to manufacturers sustainability claims, backing them with empirical scientific data from an unbiased, third-party organisation.  

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We are the only New Zealand manufacturers of insulation to have a product range certified by GREENGUARD.