Pink® Batts® sustainability

Our sustainability commitment

Pink® Batts® sustainable glass

Pink® Batts® insulation has an ongoing programme to reduce its impact on the environment, helping to preserve our environment for present and future generations.

Reducing waste

  • Recycled glass: Pink® Batts® insulation contains more than 80% recycled glass, material that might otherwise be destined for landfills.
  • Recycled packaging: As of early 2016 we have updated all plastic packaging so that all Pink® Batts® bags and over-sleeves are now 100% recyclable. Where to recycle ?
  • Water usage: We have reduced our average water intensity (the amount of water required to make Pink® Batts® products) by 45% from 2013.
  • Future product development: By redeveloping the size of our Pink® Batts® wall products, onsite cutting and wastage will be reduced.

 Technology and innovation

  • Glass melting technology: In 2008 we changed our glass melting technology so that we now use 50% less energy when making Pink® Batts®. The energy used in the manufacturing process is now offset by a fully insulated home in less than 15 months. 
  • WESP installed: Our wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) installed on site at our Auckland location deals with the emissions from the manufacturing process. The WESP removes 90% of PM10 emissions leaving no visible plume except for water vapour.
  • Equipment efficiency: Our motor replacement policy allows us to keep track of the efficiency of motors used in the Pink® Batts® manufacturing process, and replace them with new more energy efficient models where appropriate to do so.

How is Pink® Batts® insulation made?


Continuous improvement

We undertake evaluations of our Pink® Batts® manufacturing and distribution processes in conjunction with Energy NZ. This helps us find ways to conserve energy and further reduce our environmental impact.

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Environmental Choice New Zealand 

The Pink® Batts® Ultra® ceiling and Ultra® wall insulation and New Zealand made Pink® Batts® 3.6 Classic ceiling insulation have been awarded the Environmental Choice New Zealand accreditation. *This product is manufactured in both New Zealand and Australia. Environmental Choice New Zealand applies to New Zealand made product only.

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What other certifications and credentials does Pink® Batts® have?