What to expect from your PinkFit® insulation assessment?

From requesting an assessment through to completed install. PinkFit® makes it no fuss and stress free.

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1. Request your PinkFit® insulation assessment

  • Enter your details in our web lead form including the property address and your contact details.
  • PinkFit® contact you on behalf of merchants so you’ll need to choose your preferred merchant and then the branch you would like to deal with.
  • When you choose a PlaceMakers® store you can accept and pay for your quote online without having to go in store. For other merchants this branch is where you’ll need to go to pay for your quote. 
  • Both the branch and PinkFit® will be available to help you with any questions you have.

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2. PinkFit® will contact you to book a site visit date and time. 

  • PinkFit® will contact you to book a date to measure and assess any existing insulation. If required they'll provide you with an Insulation Assessment Report (IAR) and/or a quote. PinkFit® will contact you via email, phone or text.




3. A PinkFit® assessor visits your property

  • The PinkFit® assessor will need safe access to your property. Please declare any known hazards e.g. Dogs 
  • They will assess any existing insulation, and measure the property if more insulation is required.
  • The PinkFit® assessor is identifiable by their uniform and name tag.

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4. You’ll Receive your insulation assessment report and/or quote

  • You will receive an email containing PDF copies of your insulation assessment report and/or quote

Your rental property:

Your own home:

  • PinkFit® will discuss options with you and provide you a quote for insulation that will meet your needs. 

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  •  Been awhile and you want a new updated quote? respond to your original quote or email your installer and they will send it through. 


5. How to accept and pay for your quote

  • If you have been quoted via a PlaceMakers® store, you can accept and pay securely online with your credit card, without having to go in store.
  • For other stores - to confirm your quote, take it to the branch named on the quote and they will accept payment and arrange install with PinkFit®  
  • To save time when paying in store, give them a quick call beforehand so they can have your information ready when you come in.

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6. PinkFit® books in your install date

  • Once your merchant let's PinkFit® know you've accepted the quote, PinkFit® will contact you to book in your install date.
  • Please note – PinkFit® can't confirm your install date until the quote has been accepted and paid for.
  • As the RTA deadline gets closer, wait times for all installers will get longer. After you've accepted your quote there can be a wait, as PinkFit® can be booked out up to 8 - 12 weeks depending on your area - book in now to get in before the deadline. 

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7. PinkFit® comes and installs your insulation

  • PinkFit® will arrange the insulation product, pick it up and bring it to your house, ready for them to install it. As long as they have safe access to the property, you won’t need to lift a finger.
  • They'll need access to the ceiling and/or underfloor and will complete a safety check before beginning work. For safety reasons power will need to be turned off.
  • Depending on the size of your home, the install could take up to a day to complete. (100m2 home ceiling and underfloor takes approx 6 - 8 hours)




8. Job Done – your PinkFit® insulation install is complete

  • Your insulation has been installed, to help make your home cosy and comfortable.
  • You'll receive a post installation email, with a PinkFit® installation guarantee certificate to go with the property. Keep a copy safe with the property details (people also often staple these next to the insulation in the ceiling or underfloor).
  • For rental properties: your install guarantee can be used to fill in your tenancy insulation declaration.
  • You'll also receive a link to a feedback survey. If you have time, we'd love to know how you found the process and anything we can do to further improve our service.