PinkFit® Pre-line promise for new build

Building Inspection

At various stages during construction, you will need to arrange inspections to ensure the work complies with the conditions of the building consent.

Your building consent will list the inspections you need, this includes the Pre-line building inspection. 

There is often a wait for inspections so you should have a clear timeline for your building work and book inspections well in advance to avoid delays on site. Missing or failing an inspection may also cause delays. 

The project manager will arrange inspections. 


What is the the PinkFit® Pre-line Promise?

The PinkFit® pre-line promise applies to the pre-line building inspection - 'An inspection of the building work before the installation of any internal linings’

  • PinkFit® insulation installers pledge that the Pink® Batts® insulation installed by PinkFit® will pass the pre-line building inspection for insulation installation first time, or pay the builder $250.

If at fault PinkFit® will also fix the installation, allowing it to pass the inspection. 

Full terms and conditions of the PinkFit® Pre-Line Promise               

 PinkFit® pledge sticker