Making Pink® Batts® Insulation

Pink® Batts® insulation is made from glass wool; a thermal and acoustic insulation used around the world in homes, buildings, hospitals, vehicles and white goods.

Pink® Batts® glass wool is made from over 80% recycled glass. This is melted, spun into a fibrous mat and bound together by a resin.

More about Pink® Batts® insulation

Deceptively tough

Pink® Batts® insulation is tough – it can withstand temperatures of up to 230°C. It is also highly resistant to humidity, corrosion and rust and it doesn’t rot.

Not attractive to vermin

The make-up of Pink® Batts® insulation - glass and sand – means there’s nothing in it to attract insects or vermin.


Pink® Batts® insulation won’t catch fire or melt easily. Its resin backing is also non-flammable.

Consistently top quality

The manufacturing process is continually assessed to ensure production meets the quality standards. So you can be sure
that Pink® Batts® insulation is made to a very high standard.

Range of sizes & thicknesses

It comes in segments for fitting between the framing timbers in your walls or ceiling. You can select from a range of thicknesses for use in walls, ceilings and under the floor.